Filarete is the famous Italian theoretical architect of the ideal city
and now a new artisan company dedicated to Contract Design:
for finalising and developing every single building project
through a completely Italian sense of style and professionalism

We are Filarete, a network of artisan masters with vast experience
who have been working for decades on customised homes,
restaurants, hotels and stores, able to combine functional needs
and aesthetic sensibility

A team that is Italian in name and deed, proud to diffuse
the design and creativity of solutions that are made in Italy.
The ideal partner for any project.

From construction to renovation, finishing to decoration, from plants
to selecting and providing furnishings.
Whether a professional in the construction industry, an architect
or interior designer, a hotel chain or private individual,
Filarete is your reliable, practical and proactive partner.

A valid ally during the design phase offering practical technical
in selecting materials, the product of Italian taste and quality.

Technology, raw materials, marble, wood, furnishings and décor
that have been selected to obtain the best results,
making any of your projects unique and inimitable.
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