We know the practice because we know the theory. For this reason, we are able to both design and build, finding the best suppliers
as well as installing their products.
You can call us at the beginning of a project or ask us to finish it. We aren't afraid to get our hands dirty and it's what we do best.

A project that starts well always has a happy ending.
That's why we are happy when we are involved right the initial
design phases. You can entrust us with the entire management
or ask us to supply technical support.
Collaborating is our line of work.
You can be sure we'll get along fine.
We manufacture mechanical plants for heating, cooling, purifying
and treating drinking water. We are also competent in electrical
and lighting engineering.
We know the rules for saving energy, the secrets of chemistry,
yesterday's boilers and today's wall lighting fixtures.
Tradition and innovation.
We supply and lay floors in antique Italian wood, parquet
and wood-stone, as well as coverings in marble, cement tiles,
terracotta and ancient Italian materials.
Our feet are the same as your customers'.
That's why we are never satisfied until everything is perfect.
Antique stucco decorations, glazing, moulding application,
plaster capitals and chiaroscuro decorations.
We are artisans and artists. Our canvas is a wall
or ceiling. The final touch is as important as the first brick:
you cannot entrust it to the first person you come upon.
Mass-produced or customised? In the end, it isn't that important.
We at Filarete dedicate the same commitment to finding
the perfect elements in order to create settings that are beautiful
to see and extraordinary to live in. Sofas, beds, wallpaper
and upholstery materials, tables, counters, bookcases.
We don't have to travel far to find them: the top furnishings
are still found in Italy.

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